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Green Detox Smoothie

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

The green smoothie tends to get a bad rap, but give it a try and you should get used to it once you’ve had a few sips. While it may taste a bit earthy in the beginning, the key to cutting the bold, bitter flavor of the kale is to add a sweet component. If you feel that the fruits in your usual smoothie combo are not enough, try adding 1 dried date, 1 tsp. of silan (date honey) or 1 tsp. of honey.

green smoothie שייק ירוק
Green Smoothie

These are great for breakfast on-the-go, mid-afternoon snack or post-workout energy booster. Check out my favorite green smoothie combo below!


*1/2 green apple, cubed

*1/2 medium banana, fresh or frozen

*1/2 cucumber

*1 stalk celery

*1/2 inch ginger

*1/2 cup almond or water

*1 handful spinach or kale (optional)

*1 dried date (optional)

*4-6 ice cubes


Add all ingredients to blender, pulse 3-4 times before turning power on high for 30 seconds. Enjoy!

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