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Find Your Fitness Motivation

We each have our own reason for working out, or at least... wanting to work out. Some of us want to be “slim," “fit”, “strong”, “healthy” or otherwise. While I could dedicate a whole article to the meaning behind each of those words, I want to focus on what motivates us to get up and get moving everyday. What motivates us to go for a run, get up early for that spin class, or head to the gym to weighlift, rather than sit on the couch thinking about your munchies (but too lazy to walk over to the fridge) and binge-watching Orange is the New Black?

Here are some tips that have helped me escape my fitness ruts, get out of my house and get back on track with my fitness.

Get a Workout BFF I would not be where I am today without my workout buddy (who now looks amazing, thanks to us). Find a fitness friend and hold each other accountable. Set a workout schedule that works for both of you, create a fitness plan and push each other! Then, you can share the gratification of meeting your fitness goals.

Get Some Variety

If you don't feel like going for your usual run, switch it up a bit. (You should be anyway...) But sometimes you can find yourself in a funk because you don't feel like doing the same-old. Give another kind of workout a try, even if you haven't before - as in, especially if you haven't before! You may discover you love kickboxing or pilates.

Get Some New Workout Gear If you really need a push, there’s no greater motivation than putting on that new sports bra or running shorts before you feel yourself gravitating towards the outdoors to show off your new gear. New sneakers are like the ultimate gift of self-motivation! You'll spend weeks at work thinking about how soon you can get home and put your new running shoes on.

Think you have enough workout clothes? Purchase a new water bottle or heart rate monitor. The appeal of using your new product should give you the motivation you need to get moving.

Get Fit for a Cause What are you passionate about? Find a cause, set a fundraising goal, raise money and let it inspire you to get fit. Choose a walk, 5K, marathon, triathlon or cycling event to contribute to. You'll get to excercise and feel proud of yourself for doing good on two fronts: your wellness and the wellbeing of others.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to a website called Charity Miles. Download the app, choose a charity, track your distance running, walking or biking and earn donations for each mile traveled!

Get Your Fitness Goals Straight

Find your fitness focus. Set goals for yourself: endurance, strength, speed or weightloss, and start tracking your progress. Heart rate monitors, Fitbit, and Nike+ are just a few options to track how and where you're improving.

Progress shots are another great motivator. While uncomfortable, progress shots are a great tool to track your progress. You can't necessarily see how your hard work pays off just by staring in the mirror or stepping on the scale everyday. Instead, take photos of your body every 2 weeks (front and side) and you'll see the transformation and feel the gratification. (I highly recommend putting a password on your cameraphone, but that's just me...)

Get A Healthy Lifestyle Going Most of us work indoors. Sitting at a desk all day makes it terribly easy to settle into sedentary habits and terribly difficult to inspire any kind of meaningful movement after work.

At some point during your day, get outside! Go for a walk, even if it's a baby walk. If you can, walk home. BUT, under no circumstances are you to sit on the couch when you get home from work. Just don't do it. Look at the couch and see the enemy. Open the door, take a breath, feel some air and go get your new running shorts on - even if you're only walking in them :)

YOLO, guys - You only live once, so you know... Live!

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What motivates you?

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