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Eve's Transformation Story

I have had the pleasure of training Eve two times per week for the last 10 months and together, we have set all kinds of training goals and exercise challenges to keep her motivated and in shape. Eve has taken on each and every one with enthusiasm and has met each goal she has set for herself. Eve's latest challenge was joining the Focus Fitness March Intensive workout program, increasing her workout frequency and focusing in on her diet.

Check out Eve's experience below:

"Before starting the intensive month, I used to work out twice a week with Ilana and payed attention to what I was eating... kind of. I knew the basics of what I should and I shouldn't eat as far as this rule goes: veggies, fruits, meats, fish - yes ; carbs - yeah ; sweets - no but yeah, because who can live without chocolate, right?!

My goal when joining the program was mostly to show me that I was already doing things right in terms of food, so the real challenge would be to increase the frequency of my workouts from twice to three times a week. Oh boy was I wrong...

Throughout the program, my first realization was that my approach to eating right was completely skewed. I had a lot to learn about what my body needs on a daily basis, what it needs on a workout day, and how to buy groceries and cook the right way. The program showed me my mistakes and taught me the better choices, changing once and for all the way I approach my regular diet. The best surprise that came out of it was the feeling that came with my change of diet: I was never hungry, I never missed anything, and yet I felt so much lighter than I used to! Some cuts and adjustments were hard to make, of course, but the knowledge that I wasn't making these changes alone, but rather with a group of 7 other amazing women going through the same program made it all a lot easier.

The combination of healthy eating and regular workouts made my body feel lighter, stronger and more energetic. As unexpected and strange as it may sound, my body actually started craving the workouts! I would wake up on a non-workout day and feel that my body is ready to go for a run right then and there! I learned what my body needs, when and how, and now it is actually easy for me to go out for lunch with my colleagues and make the right food choice, and it is pleasant for me to go for a workout in the end of the day!

Finally, I got one last great surprise from the program: the ladies of the group were absolutely amazing, and despite not knowing each other beforehand, the group became a real source of energy and motivation for me to stick to the program and make the changes that lead me to my new lifestyle!

Starting fresh, I am now fully comfortable with my new lifestyle, and all the other aspects of my life benefit from it. I am definitely going to stick to it ---- and to Ilana!"

transformation motivation
Eve's Transformation Story

Eve - I am so proud of all you have accomplished and your enthusiasm truly inspires and motivates others!

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