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I help women establish a healthy lifestyle, maintain a consistent fitness & nutrition routine, and FINALLY free themselves from the constant inner dialogue surrounding food and working out.

If you have ever said...

 I can't stick to a consistent workout routine.   

I tried to follow a meal plan and it doesn't work for me.

I don't eat carbs, but then I'll eat a whole bag of chips.

I was working out consistently and then I changed jobs.​

If there are cookies in the house I will eat them all.

I want to wake up and feel good about my body and confident in my skin.

I eat pretty healthy, but...

I feel stuck.

I do it all right, but when I look in the mirror I’m still not happy.

I don't have time.    

And you want to say...

I consistently workout because it makes me feel good, productive and confident.

I know when I'm going to workout and what I'm going to eat every week.

I know which foods fuel my body and don't feel guilty when I eat pizza.

I feel physically stronger than I thought possible.

I can be fit and still eat the foods I love.

I finally feel free from the constant dieting cycle and have a positive relationship with food and my body.

I CAN sustain this longterm and if I can't, if I'm feeling down, I WILL ask Ilana for help.

(I'm not going anywhere, but even if I do, YOU will have the tools to get yourself back on track.)




Judith J. - Venezuela > Tel Aviv
Ilana Pickett_Personal Trainer


We are constantly learning. We do school, college, masters and PhD programs. We complete trainings and advanced courses for work. But why don’t we take a course in something that we CONSTANTLY obsess over? Our diet and fitness regime. My custom 90-day approach combines live weekly team meetings with a structured program to get you organized and provide you with all the tools you need to implement a consistent and effective fitness and nutrition routine, and understand the why. Change the way you approach meal prep, maintain a consistent fitness routine, sustain these behaviors for the rest of your life and finally free yourself from the constant inner dialogue related to food and working out so you can focus on other important things like your job, friends and family.


In The Focus Method we work as a team. No, I’m not talking about a you and me team, I’m talking about a group of women taking on this thing we call a sustainable healthy lifestyle TOGETHER. Join a community of like-minded women who have the same struggles as you. Women who are ready to get organized, be prepared and not only have a healthy routine, but a positive relationship with their body.


We’re all busy, you know with killing it at work, so we’ve broken up the process into short FOCUSED education modules that you can consume each week at your own pace. What’s going to hold you accountable is our weekly live accountability calls and Q&A sessions.

*There are only 10 spots in each group. Once I receive your application, I'll review it and if you're a good fit I'll be in touch to set up a call.


  • I’ll provide you with proven systems and a no bullshit structure to get organized and accomplish your goals.

  • I’ll teach you how to workout and eat in a way that doesn’t take up hours upon hours of your time, I mean, hey we’re all really freaking busy.

  • A built-in support system. Not only will you have access to me, you will be connected to a group of like-minded women who know what you’re going through and can hold you accountable.

  • I am results driven. You will have lifetime access to all program materials.

  • I will help you sift through all of the diets, fads, fast-fixes so you can make educated decisions for your body for the rest of your life.

  • I care deeply for each individual I work with. We will uncover some of the raw truths that are holding you back. I am here for you. My clients become my friends, my family. 

  • Not only do I show up for you, I teach you how to show up for you.



  • 1-on-1 LIVE goal setting session and fitness assessment with Ilana.

  • LIVE weekly team meetings. Planning is where it’s at. Accountability is everything. You show up here, we make radical change as a team.

  • Detailed Curriculum: when you join the group, you will be given lifetime access to 12 weekly modules of the curriculum. It’s dripped out weekly so you will have time to review, absorb and implement before moving on to the next step.

  • Fitness Library & Workout Routine: you will have unlimited access to our workout library based on your fitness level and type of workout.

  • Meal Planning & Preparation: No more guessing or slacking off. You’ll receive the tools to gain control over what goes in your fridge and into your mouth.

  • Real accountability: I’m a straight shooter. I’ll help you break down your barriers to what’s holding you back and give you actionable advice to get you long-lasting results.

  • Community: join like-minded women on the path to not only building a sustainable healthy lifestyle, but a positive relationship with your body as well.


*And we're not talking just physical...

I had never been consistent with my health and fitness, and definitely never considered myself physically strong. I would go through phases where I would join a gym, walk on a treadmill, get bored and abandon it some time later. A new chapter in my physical health journey began when I met Ilana and started training with her. She has helped me by motivating me through dynamic and challenging workouts that I actually look forward to, pushing me beyond what I thought I could do.


Sessions are never the same and the feeling of accomplishment afterwards is empowering.  But working with Ilana is about so much more than just the workout. She has built an incredible community and programs that have kept me accountable and committed to a healthier lifestyle even at times when it’s hard to be. That amazing feeling you get from a good workout trickles down to all areas of life and I’ve found that I am genuinely a happier person when I keep a routine of attending classes.


A journey that started with just wanting a healthier body ended up giving me a healthier mind and overall lifestyle and I could not be more grateful for that!

My goal when joining the program was mostly to show me that I was already doing things right in terms of food, so the real challenge would be to increase the frequency of my workouts from twice to three times a week. Oh boy was I wrong...

Throughout the program, my first realization was that my approach to eating right was completely skewed. I had a lot to learn about what my body needs on a daily basis, what it needs on a workout day, and how to buy groceries and cook the right way.


The program showed me my mistakes and taught me the better choices, changing once and for all the way I approach my regular diet. The best surprise that came out of it was the feeling that came with my change of diet: I was never hungry, I never missed anything, and yet I felt so much lighter than I used to! Some cuts and adjustments were hard to make, of course, but the knowledge that I wasn't making these changes alone, but rather with a group of 7 other amazing women going through the same program made it all a lot easier.

Ilana Pickett_Personal Trainer


The Focus Method is broken down into 3 core principles, our pillars for success.


Education is power. I help you sift through all of the health content overload so you can understand once and for all what works long-term.


I help you create a fitness routine that works for your schedule and implement a nutrition plan that is balanced, healthy and sustainable.


This is mindset GOLD. This is where we breakdown those final barriers from whats holding you back, make a change that will last a lifetime and FREE yourself from constant negative inner dialogue.


This experience is for you if...

You have experience with meal prep and need to get back on track.


You generally eat well but you still have issues with food that you want to overcome.


You look in the mirror and are still not satisfied with what you see.


You’re tired of using apps and need some real live accountability.


You ping pong between/yo-yo through different dieting cycles and you want to finally determine what works best for you.


You are ready to get back into a quick, consistent and effective workout routine. 


You want to improve your relationship with food.


You find yourself making excuses and are ready to overcome that once and for all.


You are ready to break through those final barriers that are keeping you from reaching your health and fitness goals. 


You are committed to making a lasting change and get to the root of things that are holding you back.

If the statements above describe YOU,

the Focus Method is the perfect solution for you.


There are only 10 spots in each group. If you are ready to commit and say I am here and I am doing this, here’s how to apply:


  1. Click the ‘apply now’ button below and fill out an application.

  2. After you fill it out, I will review it personally. 

  3. If I think we might be a good fit, I’ll reach out to you to schedule a discovery call to get to know you and answer any questions you may have.

  4. If both you and me determine that this program is the right fit for you, we’ll schedule your 1-on-1 goal setting and fitness assessment consultation.

  5. You will then receive access to the materials for the 90-day program and be assigned to your team of up to 10 like-minded women.

  6. You will transform your health and your habits forever.

Enrollment for the January program is now open. The program starts the week of January 17th.

Click the 'APPLY NOW' button and fill out an application before spots fill up.