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Ilana Tusk

Health & Fitness Lifestyle Mentor

Hey, I'm Ilana Tusk, founder of The Focus Method. I am a certified personal trainer living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I grew up in New York and moved to Israel after completing college at the University of Maryland - College Park in 2011. As a dancer and fitness enthusiast my entire life, with years of experience as an instructor, I opened Focus Fitness Studio in Israel focused on identifying and developing  the combined strengths of mind and body.  

The Focus Method was originally created for myself, as a means to keep myself accountable, fit and healthy, and I was able to pass this methodology on to my clients over the years and watch them achieve great success and lasting results. But, something felt like it was missing, not only for myself but for my clients as well. And one day when looking in the mirror with my shirt pulled up, it hit me. I do everything right and I'm still not satisfied with the way I Iook. And so the work began. My quest to get comfortable in my own skin and pass the strategies on to my clients to finally free them from obsessing over their looks so they could start focusing on more important things like their career, friends and family.

I am a firm believer in continuously learning and my inspiration for this program came from the many online courses available to us. Sales, marketing, design...choose your industry and you've got it. But what we don't have is a comprehensive course in implementing healthy habits AND creating a positive relationship with our bodies. Aren't you tired of looking in the mirror and feeling unsatisfied even when you're doing everything right?

That's where I come in! The Focus Method is about you. We will work as a team to not only challenge your body, but free your mind. Join me to break through those final barriers so you can free up some emotional and mental space -- your future you is counting on it!

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