Strengthen & tone in

8 weeks



Tasty & balanced




Support throughout the program



Measure your progress



Jessie L.

Ilana is not only extremely professional, but the best trainer I've ever had! I've been to many different bootcamps over the years, and seen the most physical results with Ilana. 

Eve M.

I recommended her to several of my friends because she has this secret ability to revive even the most desperate of us all, and she made miracles for them as well!

Shani S.

Ilana definitely changed my life so I'm mainly here to let everyone who hates working out know that with her and Focus Fitness.. it's not that bad.

Sharona S.

Ilana's approach is fun, dynamic, and challenging. She knows how much you can take and when to push you further. Every week, the sets are a little different which keeps things interesting and shows your progress of how much you can handle.



סניף רמת חן: אלוף דוד 185, רמת גן

 (בית אבות פנחס רוזן)

סניף גבעתיים: צה״ל 42, גבעתיים

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